A Brain Training APP that works with NeuroSky - MindWave HeadSet (EEG Sensor), developed to provide the best brain training experience and results. The biosensor records brain electrical activity and converts this biological signal into scores about individuals mental states, enabling evaluation and training of mental performance.


BrainZen APP provides a brain train program based in your brain electrical activity, that can be reveal your real mental potential. Based in neuroscientific researchers, our system collaborate in optimization of concentration, working memory, emotional self-regulation, sleep qualify through Neurofeedback technique.

Advanced Neurotechnology

Use the real-time brain electrical activity feedback system to get your brain to peak performance!

Complementary Therapeutic Method

Complement your therapeutic resources with our application and use the best for your clients.

Pay only when use

You pay a fixed price for the evaluation and the training session and can charge as much as you want. The App is free, you only pay when you use it.

Give the best way to achieve mental wellness and peak brain performance to your clients. Get more powerful results with BrainZen!

Extra money income

BrainZen is a complementary therapeutic tool that can be a differential for your clients, guaranteeing an extra income source for your clinic. You pay a fixed price for the evaluation and the training session and can charge as much as you want. The APP is Free, you only pay when you use it.

Individual Assessment
R$ 4,90
each session

Automated reports after the assessment

Quick Process (less than 5 min)

Customizable protocols for your clients

Individual Training Session
R$ 19,90
each session

Breathing pacer integrated

Use images to make a contextualized training

Performance report for each session

Month Subscription
R$ 149,90
unlimited sessions

Get unlimited assessments and trainings

Pay a fixed price and use as much as you want

Ideal plan for everyday use


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If you are interested in purchasing our technology for your clinic, we have a team of qualified professionals to assist you in providing this incredible experience to your clients.